Pre Compiled NFFT Matlab Binaries for Matlab

Just to make things even easier, if you don’t want to go to the hassle of downloading cygwin and a full development environment just to compile the NFFT Matlab library, why not try these pre-compiled binaries.

Github Repository

Download Link

Just put all of those files somewhere in your Matlab path.

5 thoughts on “Pre Compiled NFFT Matlab Binaries for Matlab”

  1. Dear Jonathan,
    thank you for this is works just fine. However what I was really interested in is the nfsft module to be able to work with spherical harmonics. Did you compile it by any chance? And if no, would you mind compiling it as well?
    Best regards


    1. Hi Sébastien,

      Yes I had compiled them, just hadn’t added them to the archive. Anyway, I updated the github repository,, with the files available for download here. Obviously as before add all to the Matlab path. Do let me know if they work. I ran the simple_test_nfsft.m file in the nfsft folder and it seemed to work. But I haven’t used these functions before personally. Good luck!



  2. Dear Jonathan,

    I have tried to use the precompiled matlab binaries. However, when I try to run the simple_test.m, I get the following error: “Undefined function ‘nfftmex’ for input arguments of type ‘char’.”

    Note that I tried to compile the binaries first, without success. The problem seems to come from my MATLAB path placed in “C:/Program files/MATLAB”. I created a symbolic link (“C:/MATLAB”), but it doesn’t seem to be recognized.

    I also tried to compile the binaries without indicating a Matlab path during the configure step. The same error occurs (: “Undefined function ‘nfftmex’ for input arguments of type ‘char’.”, when running simple_test.m).

    Thanks for your help,

  3. Dear Jonathan,
    I would like first to thank you for this nice work. Would you please consider providing me with a compiled Radon transform to be used with the PRE COMPILED NFFT MATLAB BINARIES!
    I tried to compile the radon.c and inverse_radon.c in (nfft-3.2.3\applications\radon) but unfortunately did not work!
    Best regards

  4. Hi Jonathan,

    Your guides to compiling the NFFT library are great, but I admit to being a complete novice at C (I have never even heard of cygwin, for instance).

    The binaries you have shared don’t include the library part which I need. Do you happen to have the compiled files for the nnfft library, also? (i.e: nonuniform samples to nonuniform fourier space FFT).

    I would greatly appreciate it if you were able to share them, but if not I shall have to embark upon a quest to compile them myself.

    Kind regards,

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